What We Offer

Security Guard Services

Static guards, Armed guards & Guard dogs for all environments – including industrial properties, retailers, residences and embassies, high-rise buildings and offices, as well as mines.

Corporate Risk Management

We offer any strategies for corporate risk managementand its be backed up by a risk management analysis and a plan for controlling or mitigating those risks.

Forensic Investigations

We do gathering and analysis of all crime-related physical evidence in order to come to a conclusion about a suspect.


We have a wide range of electronic products that are available for differing environments. Systems can be designed to meet individual requests.

cash in transit

We have a fully functional Cash in Transit Division with personnel who have received extensive training
in managing and moving cash. With the aid of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the
Zimbabwe Republic Police, we ensure that all details are thoroughly vetted. We provide both local and
long-distance runs, and each of our cars is insured.