About Us

RavenShield Security Services embodies care and enthusiasm for the security that it provides. This means we enjoy our work and appreciate the clients we protect, the difference we can make in the daily comfort of our clients and of communities. We celebrate our successes as a team. It’s our positive attitudes, from our security guards up through to our security management team that is the core of what we are as a security company. Quality security services, communication and dedication to detail is what these attitudes deliver.

What We Do

Security Guard Services, Corporate Risk Management, Forensic Investigations 

Our Vision

To be the preferred security team that is disciplined, efficient, adaptive, and focused..

Our Values

Team work 


The management team and employees at RavenShield Security Services are dedicated to building long-term relationships with our clients and the community at large.

It is a coordinated effort to secure the interests of our clients. Raven Shield Security Services uses a structured problem solving approach. All options are considered, researched and ana-lysed. It’s our tireless support within our workforce that sets us to a higher standard of security services. We are wholly dedicated to development and education for our security staff as well as for our clients. We are leaders whose dedication is rewarded by customer satisfaction. This is why we are more than a security service provider. We are a security resource.

Blessing Gurajena CA(Z): Managing Director

Blessing is the Managing Director and co-founder of RavenShield Security Services. She is a Chartered Accountant (Z) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting (Honours) degree from the National University of Science and Technology. As well as a Master’s in Business Administration Degree -Strategic Leadership from the University of Zimbabwe where she has also completed an Executive Certificate in Project Management. Blessing has over 15 years working experience in the private sector where she has held several positions including Head of Finance, Head of Construction Projects and Head of Risk and Audit.

Dr.Alois M Gurajena: Non-Executive Chairman

Alois is RavenShield Security Services’ Chairman and co- founder. He holds a doctorate in Business Leadership , an MBA , a Sociology Degree and also holds various diplomas in human resources and education. Alois is currently Chief Executive Officer of a local authority and has over 20 years valuable experience in different sectors of the economy.

Edward Chidoori : Operations Director

With over 20 years in the country’s security sector, Edward brings rich experience to RavenShield Security Services. He is the Operations Director and is a Retired Warrant Officer with the Ministry of Defence.